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Friday, 7 February 2014

Snowpocalypse: the gods %$#@ with Tokyo

This isn't anything in Montréal, and only an inconvenience in Toronto, but a big deal here. Get several days food tonight or ASAP tomorrow. Last year half this snow and groceries emptied. The locals love to hoard: last year's snow and after the big quake too. If much snow at all falls, trains shut and Monday won't be a working day.  10cm snow over the weekend (or 25?), 150mm rain mid-week. Haven't seen that in seven Kanto winters.


  1. Ha ha, should have followed your advice and gotten some extra supplies ahead of this, my neighbors don't do shoveling so I had to dig myself out - 25-30 cm by 7PM tonight. Reminds me of the olde country though...

    1. Except in the 'olde country' the population might be competent.