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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Tokyo blogger meet: Yona Yona Beer Kitchen, 3/08, 18:00.

Update: based on the comments, Yona Yona Beer Kitchen, 3/08, 18:00.  I'll reserve for six people for the moment, and contact you via your blog's contact soon.  Thanks!

'Billy', I have emailed your blog's contact.  'Octopus', I couldn't because your page doesn't have one.  Mine is in my profile.

Original Post:
Narrowing down from the previous post, next Friday or later: which do you prefer?  If it's the Friday I am going to have to make reservations early.  Do your best to make it if you say you will, please.  Also, from 6 or from 7?

For the place, I think the running favourites are: Yona Yona Beer Kitchen, Popeye's and Goodbeer Faucets.  I've been to Popeye's but not the others.  I like Popeye's but want to try the others: no preference.  Also, each is about as convenient to work and home for me.

Invite anyone you'd like.  The needn't be other bloggers, just good company.  Just let me know numbers if you can.

Have a good week.


  1. Yona Yona Beer Kitchen / Friday 7th March are my first preference, but right now any combination of place/date works for me. If it's a Friday I'm unlikely to be able to make it before 7:30 though.

  2. Was a sad performance by Sweden, except for the 1st ten minutes of the first period. They needed Zetterberg. Crosby showed he has heart when it counts, not like either of the Sedins...

    A jab has been landed, a feeling-out shot... I'm going to land a square punch and say 3/8 at 6:00. I'm good with either YYBK or GbF.

    And, thanks for setting this up; it's much appreciated.

    1. I'm a poor hockey fan by Canadian standards. To my mind once the US was beat anything else was gravy, because when the US is playing, 300 million cheer the US and the REST of the world cheers the other team.

  3. Update sounds good. I'll keep an eye out for the contact email...

    1. It went to your website's email address today, from mine.

  4. In case the email didn't reach you (knowing my luck it will have landed amongst a pile of spam), I'll be there.