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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Add it to my list! (Things I can't buy, so I can feed my family).

In the spirit of a cross-bike, which can ride anything like a road; or a snow-bike, which can ride anything like a trail; how about a 'river-tour' kayak, which can paddle anything like water?  It's the Pyranha Fusion RT.
'It's a kayak', so what?  Look, when I'm back in Toronto, what do I get for a solo boat?  A sea-kayak?  Sure, but I have to drive to Georgian Bay for anything scenic, and sea-kayaking in good weather is, let's face it, much more boring and slower than sailing (if cheaper), which you can do on any water you can sea-kayak on (and carry more drink).  A canoe?  Another person's usually not worth the baggage.  A play-boat?  Rapids are fun, but what if you don't want to rabbit up and down the same riffle all weekend, but want to camp on the way?  No, this boat can go all of those places, and play in surf on Lake Ontario nearer home.

Sure, it's a shade slower than a sea-kayak and carries less, but is easier to roll and manoeuvre, and cheaper and shorter to get on your car or store.  Yes, it is not nimble enough for class 5 water... but I'm a father now, eh?  Not as good for surfing as a board, no shit, and there's no warm water in Canada, either.  How does it track?  Retractable skeg!

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