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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A hell of a way to exercise 'sovereignty'.

Canada the first nation to withdraw from the Kyoto protocol.
 Hmmm... You think it's because 'our' government was bought and sold in Alberta?
Well done Canada, for making these two countries look classy!

China (what could the grey be?)



  1. As an American I gotta say thanks to Canada!! And some really awesome maple syrup you guys!! ;)

  2. It's quite sad to see what Canada has become.
    We have a far right Conservative in power whose only interest are in oil and "justice" (law).

    I don't really see the average Canadian caring that much either. If Kyoto means paying so much as $0.01 more at the gas pumps, people are against it.

  3. Chris, thanks for taking it in the right light. Met more Americans I like than I don't, but since I meet more overseas than in the States that may help the odds (for any country). Your governments though...

    Ryan, I'm just over forty, and the thirty five years since my childhood have been a disintegration of sovereignty, 'Peace, Order and Good Government', and civil society. Not only in Canada, mind, but we did once think we had something worth protecting. People blame immigration, but that's hooey.

  4. for years I had thought of Canada as the place to escape to when all the other places I considered "fine" had gone astray. But what is happening in your country these days...

  5. So many people in Australia think climate change is myth. I think so what if it is. There is no down side to improving our environment.

  6. What a joke. I use to talk about my home and native land with pride. Those feelings are long gone.

  7. What's happened in Canada? Same as have fucked the other Anglophone countries: neocons. Hell, my parents were 'Red Tories': 'conservatives with a conscience', or at least who did not eat children. You can negotiate with those people. 'Neocons' are not conservatives: they are rapists and plunderers, and 'casino-capitalists'. You don't negotiate with sociopaths, you can institutionalize them, or jail them, or execute them, but there's no reason to negotiate.

  8. Kyoto was a messy compromise at best. But it was the best, unfortunately.

    From the link above at least (and it is the least) your man had the honesty to say it was a purely economic decision instead of claiming the science isn't proven, or some such horseshit.

    We're all fucked.

  9. Hey, Harper ain't my man, thanks. You want to be responsible for many of 'your' politicians? As for whatever he said, it doesn't matter. Given what he and his party are, if God himself appeared to every member of humanity incarnated in a way each found undeniable (including we atheists) and demanded we stop polluting, Harper would find a way to justify the cop-out that would keep him in kick-backs.

    We are all truly fucked.



  10. Sorry, figure of speech. But you knew that really, Right?

    If even China are calling you out on a decision, and they're actually right about it, then you know you're out on something of a limb.

    Not 'you', you understand, just a generic second person. 'If one is being called out by China...'

    There's a clunky mix of registers to have fun with.

  11. No worries. I understood. Just thought I'd take any opportunity I could to distance myself from that. Funny story about antics in Canada's parliament pursuant to the cons pulling out of Kyoto:

  12. They say love is blind......maybe but not patriotic love.

    I love my country but I know she is terribly fucked up right now.

  13. Most of our countries are terribly fucked up right now, right Chris? The problem with yours is that it is powerful, and can export the fucked-up. Mine is irrelevant, not necessarily better, as the Kyoto decision shows.

    I'd be in favour of a bloody revolution... except that history doesn't show that process doing much more than changing the bastards in power.

  14. Nice post and comments, Avitothicus or however you pronounce your name. "Red Tory" - I like it. Not sure if it's the same, but we have "Eisenhower Republicans" that make Clinton and Obama look like what they are - friendly fascists. Sadly, it may be too late to worry about the tar sands - we underestimated the feedbacks in the Arctic and they are kicking in now. Though if the apologists are right, those lands will be prime growing land in the year 2100, so trashing them doesn't make sense even in their twisted logic.