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Thursday, 19 September 2013

My Japanese seasons...


Cedar Allergies

Fit for Amphibians?

Grass Seed Allergies

Fall Colours (far away, wherever trees are)

Never 'four seasons', of course: that's from Tang Dynasty China, like the rest of 'Japanese culture'. I need to leave...


  1. If and when I do visit Japan to see the husband's cousin, I will opt not to visit during both allergy seasons. Or I may end up clawing my own eyes out. As it stands, if I visit with my sister in tow, it will not be during summer. I might die of hypothermia.

    1. On weather, my advice:
      - do not consider anything from early July through mid-September
      - avoid mid-June to mid-July as it rains and is humid, if not so hot as 'summer'
      - avoid December through February unless you exclusively stay in western-style, insulated, hotels
      - even then, you'll need to wear woolens for the freezing temples, etc.

      For allergies:
      - like me, you may have none on your first visit as flora species are a bit different
      - late-September grass seed allergies are nothing as bad as spring tree pollen allergies
      - that peaks in the second half of March through mid-April in Tokyo

      The best months then are:
      - late September through mid-November
      - late April through early June

      Good luck.