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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tokyo Summer, we're %$#@ing done.

I thought it was fine sprinting on my bike through traffic in 90% humidity just to get brought up at a stoplight, made to wait over pavement radiating heat in the 50s, Celsius.  I thought it was fine gasping for traffic-polluted air, managing my water intake somewhere between staving off dehydration and making myself puke.  I'd got used to ingesting so much water the night before I had to get up twice to pee, filling my gullet with more at breakfast, while riding, and another couple of liters through the day, on the ride home, before repeating the cycle again: still peeing yellow.  Even the hustle to the gym for a shower before work I could get used to.  The final straw?  Fucking Japanese gym doesn't air-condition much in the change room, so I come out clean to get covered in sweat again, to sweat even more between the gym and work as nobody ever thought to plant anything but concrete, and cannot cool down for another hour.  Thank the gods I am gone before the middle of next summer.  You're welcome to this swamp.


  1. Seems like the heat records are usually broken around September 10th, and often somewhere in Saitama.

    Like you, I plan to be gone by next summer, but I'll actually miss summer in Japan. Sick, I know...

    1. I'll miss sweaty girls in yukata... Wait, I'm married, so I already do!