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Saturday, 14 December 2013

'Pitch Black' Tokyo

Sorry, no Riddick killing spree in Shibuya.  Just another moan about hating dark Tokyo evenings, and bright mornings with early rising Borg.

Hey, instead of changing time twice a year for daylight savings, how about moving the clocks forward one hour permanently. Who needs daylight at 4 am in the summer?  Ever?  Especially in a country where people want to get up before sunrise; I've been to bed later.  Not to mention noise from six.  Truth is they like early dark: boss lets them leave.  I have never been a morning person, avoided marrying a morning person (for Japanese), my eldest is not a morning person, and the jury's still out on the youngest: morning people have a basic character flaw, and I will be ecstatic to be rid of an archipelago of them!

Tokyo daylight: 
- spring equinox, 5:44-17:54 
- summer solstice, 4:26-19:00
- autumn equinox, 5:28-17:40

- winter solstice, 6:46-16:30

Toronto daylight:
- spring equinox, 7:19-19:31

- summer solstice, 5:36-21:03 
- autumn equinox, 7:04-19:16
- winter solstice, 7:47-16:43

In short: Toronto's winter evenings are a bit longer, summer's are two hours longer, and the equinoxes are longer than Tokyo's summer evenings, FFS!  It's not too bright to sleep in the morning, nor noisy until eight weekdays, ten weekends, because civilized.  'Disturbing the peace' laws!


  1. I never was a morning person until I quit working full time for a company and became self-employed. I realized that it wasn't the mornings that were killing me, it was the grind itself. Setting my own schedule and never rushing around to do someone else's bidding makes all the difference. And, given how hot summer evenings can be here, I'm not sure I want sunlight in the evening...

  2. I will have to also agree with Billy.
    I have no problems waking up early when I am on holiday or on my running days. It's the other days that I am a slow riser. I thought for a long time it was due to being a night-owl....it's just I had no get up and go because of the grind. I was reluctant to be up and about. I will admit I am not a fan of early brightness. Once I get to stirring I am up for the day and a grumpy ass if I didn't get my required amount of zzz's.