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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Atami photos: homage to 'Spike Japan'

Tetrapods in a fishless tank for the win.  For a change, the pictures are my own.  The tank is real, in a Bubble era residence/hotel where the Arististhenes family stayed two nights.  The tank contained only several sazae: the outer half of which are palatable, but the deeper half of which are best avoided.

Good god I miss Spike, and the Fixes blog seems suspended.


  1. I'll always remember Atami as the town where I was asked to join a gang-bang while walking down the street!

    Strange town - it really does have the feeling of having been a boom town that got deserted but maybe that's because I only went there off-season. Did you see the Ohmiya statue on the waterfront - a homage to domestic violence.

    1. That statue's story is quite horrible. I hate this country for its bigotries, and I'm of a privileged caste (white male)! If there is one thing basic to a decent masculinity that leaves me with contempt for the Japanese version is that you never harm a woman, period.

      It used to be where Tokyo's wealthy had their kept-women, but I doubt many bother with such niceties anymore, much less such a down at heel town. My friend commutes from there to Tokyo by bullet, as his rent's so cheap it costs less to do so. There is nothing at all to do, mind. Shutters were rolled up by eight on what shops aren't permanently. He says summer's better, though I can't see why anyone wouldn't choose a place with a better beach. To think what the place would be like without a shinkansen station.

    2. How was the gang-bang? Ha. The better question is if there were any other women to be involved or only Japanese men in a drunken state of adolescent fantasy: you were the fantasy.

    3. The gang bang inviter was an old guy with a bunch of youth hanging out in the streets. i think the youth were more appalled than I was, though the winner of most appalled of the night was my sister - she was only asked after I refused!

      I know what he means about nothing to do! We couldn't even find an open conbini or karaoke place the night we arrived. And the beach was literally covered in filth. If you worked near one of the shinkansen stations though, I could see it as a viable option. Probably not much longer commute than living in the city and if you get your commute paid for.

      The worst bit about the statue is it shows him actually kicking her in the face with the slat on his geta. That's got to be painful.

    4. You guys got me curious about this statute and I had to look it up @_@