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Friday, 7 March 2014

'Real Ale' in Japan

Found a website that lists them,* and where to drink them.  This post of mine has some listed.  Go here also.

*'Real ale' means cask-fermented and naturally carbonated, often with living yeast remaining: that is to say beer, not the 'beer' we've been drinking.  Also see CAMRA.


  1. Japan's making a name for itself in the international craft-brewing community. I'm not a scotch drinker, but plenty of people who fancy themselves connoisseurs say Japan does scotch as well as anyone, including the Scots. Should see a similar result with craft beer. Of course, beer is a lot more varied than scotch...

    1. Agreed about both fine grain-based drinks. What they do not achieve is to make them any cheaper than equal quality from abroad: that may say as much about low excise tax as high domestic costs.

      I always try to drink local-ish 'craft' beer. Both to support a fine cottage industry, and because it seems absurd to ship what's mostly water around the world. Scotch/-style whisky, on the other hand, I can't bring myself to do it with Japanese whisky over scotch as it's the same price for a mellower style than I like. Japan doesn't do Isla malts, so far as I've tasted. A lot of good but undramatic Speyside and Highland style to my amateur palette.

  2. I met up with hardkoretom at Noble Ale Works.... they have some awesome brews. It's a shame I live a few hours away and even a bigger shame that they do not offer all of the beers on tap to-go. They have growlers but only offer certain brews, the rest must be consumed on site. :(