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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Guest in Tokyo: recommendations?

A friend of mine is visiting next week, and we have two and a half days in the city.  He's about forty, and he's been here before when we were both in our twenties.  No need to do all of the main sights then.  I'm going for a more interesting Tokyo, but tell me what I am missing that is worth not missing, given the short duration, and him having seen all the guidebook crap near two decades back.

Here's what's on the plan on three days:

Yanaka-Nezu-Sendagi area
Ameyoko-cho, Kappa-bashi since in the area
An arts/crafts place he wants to see I know nothing about, Aki-Oka.
Bridgestone or Idemitsu museums
Asakusa Amuse Museum

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Shimokitazawa and Ushi Tora
Swallows baseball game (his idea)
Mori building observatory sunset 18:00

Shinjuku - streets closed to traffic Sundays
Shinjuku-gyoen for cherry blossoms, drunk locals


  1. I freaken love that bar, been there a few times over the years. Post how it goes cos the last time I was there, I felt a bit like his heart wasn't in it any more.

    If you are over that side of the city, the Amuse Museum in Asukusa is really interesting - I'm not a museum person but it's more like installations. There's a cocktail bar on the top floor and if you hit it around sunset, you get amazing views of the temples on one side and the sky tree on the other.

    I love the A-Z cafe in Ometesando but that's prolly more a drinks/dinner with the girls type place. I also enjoy a wander around the Yanesen area.

    1. How have I never heard of the Amuse Museum. Thanks! Especially like the exhibition on this work wear that makes Japanese women look like they have hips. Ha.

    2. I've reserved Kagaya for a Saturday night, so he should be on. I've been once, and he waxed and waned, but that's part of the absurdity. I am giving my friend no warning except "roll with it".

  2. Ooooh, by freaky coincidence literally (and I use the word in its traditional sense) yesterday I was wandering through Yanaka with a friend who was last here when we were in our twenties. Definitely one of Tokyo's more pleasant areas reasonably far from the madding crowds.

  3. Billy and Kathryn, I deleted your comments by accident. Sorry! Stupid phone.

  4. Best thing about Tokyo? Narita, Haneda, or any ship route to the civilised world (i.e., not Asia).

    1. The human world is not civilized.

    2. I don't feel someone with living experience in North America and East Asia only can make an informed judgement about that.

    3. Play nice or you don't get your comments posted. Besides, 'appeal to accomplishment' is a form of 'ad hominem': too contemptible to argue against.