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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Blogger sucks

Anyone else noticed that Blogger's starting to become very inconsistent?  If Google's going to sell me upriver to the NSA they can at least keep product decent. The titles to all of my blog link lists have disappeared.  Why, exactly?


  1. Some of my sidebar stuff has gotten a bit buggered up. My sister also had a problem with her blog followers all disappearing too. I feel like a battered wife that just sticks around cause she feels she can't do any better. Though I know it's not true, once I left for Tumblr and hated it. I have been looking at an export of my blog to Wordpress it would cut into my pottery time.

    1. Google's made it pretty clear Blogger's not a focus anymore. Maybe we blog viewers and readers just don't click enough banners for buying tat.