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Saturday, 24 May 2014

百名山: 'Hundred Famous Mountains' (of Japan).

So you've only heard of Fuji.

No, I have not hiked them all.  I started when here on JET, and it's now twenty years later (I have been out of Japan most of that time).  When last asked if I am trying to hike them all, I answered:
Yes, but at this rate I'll finish with my children in their twenties, who are now babies.

Guy on this Facebook page is hiking the 'Hundred Famous Mountains' of Japan, linking by bicycle. I've done a third... by train and bus. Real problem would be season-matching cycling the plains and hiking the heights, avoiding extreme heat or snow pack. North to south, September through December would work, but he seems to be doing it in this season.  That could work south to north, but it's tricky.  You have to hit the higher mountains in Chubu late enough for the snowpack to be gone, but early enough to avoid the heat and rainy season there, and in Tohoku.  That's a narrow window in the first half of a year.

Links about the 百名山, 'Hundred Famous Mountains' (of Japan):
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