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Sunday, 25 May 2014

On camera, cager!

If you've been wondering where to point your Go-Pro, or other on-bicycle camera, do it to the rear: 40% of deaths are from the rear.  In the report only 88% of reasons are known.  If one includes the 'right-hook' and sideswipes for another 10% of deaths, a rear-camera would catch 50% of all deaths, and a minimum of 57% of deaths of known cause: more, as with a camera there would be fewer without documentation.

I hope none of you want to die; nor do I.   I'd love my family's lawyer to have video to sue the bastard for every last penny, and the city for even more for Canada's poor infrastructure; however, it'd be more proactive for craven drivers to know they are on camera.  Much more likely to work than this whiny jersey.  Never say 'please' for what is yours by right.

These are much more useful to put the fear of the law in drivers.  Need some custom jerseys and jackets with a symbol that can be understood at speed, like one of these, or go with the text, very large.

                ON CAMERA                  

The only thing that's going to make the streets safe again in N.America (before self-driving cars) is appealing to drivers' base emotions: self-preservation in this case, rather than malice.  Too bad we are not a civilized people, like the Dutch.  For your own driving, not a bad idea to have an automobile dash-cam, videoing fore and aft.  Make sure to drive carefully, unlike what we see on Russian dash-cameras, and to be discrete about who knows you have one in case you screw up.

Product plug: the Shimano Sport Camera looks like the best thing going if you get an action-camera.  It even makes Japan look pretty.


  1. I need one of these for my motorbike. I've had people literally try to run me off the road, throw bottles at me etc... I wonder why people on four wheels hate everyone on two so much?

    1. Yes, but it's more useful to make them know you have one! I'm sure you're alive because, like me, you treat every cager as some combination of inattentive, witless and psychotic.

      What's your bike? If I were staying in Japan, and didn't have kids... I'd want a Kawasaki W800. Classy looks, modern technology and as much power as anyone needs. Less practical, but I really want a Ural Patrol: side-car optional. Understand I've never driven a bike, and only rode pillion once.

  2. I recently got a Go-Pro, something I picked up to capture my fun times while traveling without taking up a shit ton of space.

    My co-worker often rides to work, for fun and maybe still races; he has a front facing and rear facing Go-Pro. He has been nearly murdered off the road more than once and decided it's best to have footage from both sides in case something bad were to happen.

    1. Tempted to go front and rear, but I already have lights (flashing even in daytime, because idiot drivers), a bottle, a tool kit, sometimes a GPS or my smartphone for directions... Reminds me of the scene of Eastwood in 'In the Line of Fire' when he gets a call to get back to work as a Secret Service agent jsut before bedding Rene Russo: "Now I have to put all this shit back on!"

    2. In any case, the camera won't save my life; asses thinking I have one might.