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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Ishihara Shintaro, 'stopped clock'.

I expect a stopped clock is right as often in a day as Blinky's been correct in his career: banning diesel from Tokyo,* and this:
Despite being known for xenophobic remarks, Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara claims he welcomes an increase in foreign residents and says Japan should allow more immigrants to live here.
Since we are a mixed people,** whether the number of foreigners increases or not in Japan is irrelevant. (The increase) is a very good thing,” 
“Japanese must enact a new immigration law so it will allow us to bring in many immigrants,” said Ishihara, 78, referring to forecasts of labor shortages as society rapidly ages.
Of course, the purpose is to save the Japan that people of his perverted golf-club have profitied from, but it's the most open idea I have heard from the idiots who run the place.  Too bad decades late.  Nobody's going to come in numbers when needed: they can find out how their predecessors have been treated, and the economy's circling the drain; when 'the big one' happens in Tokyo, it'll be shotgunned.  Cannot get enthusiastic about what he's said.  He's still a cock, if not about everything, and he's kept some dodgy company.

Worse than that, most Japanese are more conservative than he is.  Try it on.  Ask your 'internationalized' Japanese friends, even those married to non-Japanese, if they don't agree:***
- the Japanese are mixed descendants of continental and island peoples, just like the British
- Japan's only hope is to increase immigration from SE Asian countries, because nobody else would come now
- kanji's fucking stupid and inefficient, so do as Vietnamese has done****
- maybe if everything wasn't run by corrupt men in adult diapers it would be a good thing
- women should have the socio-economic rights of those in Nordic nations, adequate leave, etc.
- Japanese productivity per hour worked is about half that in the US
- 'The Rape of Nanjing', and 'comfort women' happened
- play better with S. Korea, because the US can't protect you from China forever
- your wonderful 'Peace Constitution' was imposed by the people who kicked your ass
- which was only delayed until they killed Yamamoto, beat competent generals like Rommel and Guderian, carptet-bombed on multiple fronts, controlled the oceans, landed an army across an ocean against prepared positions, supplied Britain and the Russian front, created the atom bomb, held your people in a stalemate across the world's largest ocean with supply-lines far longer than yours, and then wrapped you up in a few months

Let the wind-sucking begin!  Followed by failed attempts by the Japanese person to say something valid, logically or historically.

*Anything banned in Tokyo is effectively banned in all of Kanto, about half the economy of Japan.  Thus all of the islands, because what business is going to buy a truck it can't use in the biggest market?
**Misplaced the link, but in the interview he said something about Japanese having come from East Asia and Oceania, which seems true: morphology, pigment range, language, traditional architecture and agriculture.  Even this emperor evasively alluded to historical links of the throne to Korea, which is as obvious.  DNA analysis is the ticket, but you won't get a Japanese organization to do an honest one: Nihonjinron.
***I escalate in this order, as I get more stupid answers, which is too say the vast, vast majority of the time.
****Romanize for both vowel length, and inflection; why is inflection never accounted for in any script for Japanese?


  1. Wow that's a bit of shock having him say that.

    There are plenty of Westerners who'd move to Japan, just not the right ones (I mean with the right skills), anyone with talent in IT, engineering etc and capable of innovation would be crushed by the Japanese work culture let alone the rest of society.

  2. When it comes down to it, most westerners value their personal lives more than their work ones while it's the opposite case for the Japanese; This seems to be the biggest reason why most expats from the so-called western countries grow tired of living here before too long...

  3. Yep, the only westerners who will come are the anime freaks who think that Japan is a cross between Bladerunner and a Kurosawa film. if they aren't taken in by the fact that in Japan girls will actually sleep with them (!), they will go home with an inverted version of Paris Syndrome (Tokyo Syndrome?) and bang on about how much they hate Japan for not living up to their deluded tentacle/sailor girl/yakuza/robot fantasies.

    Of course, it's not the high skill 'nice gaijin' that Abe has created an economic need for. Oh no. Abe's addiction to infrastructure spending as the fix-all for economic ailments (an industry young Japanese don't want to enter) means that Japan needs manual laborers to complete Tohoku and Olympic construction- exactly the type of low skill gaijin that other Japanese look down their noses at, and blame for all the crime!

    Should fall apart interestingly!