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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Japanese, or not?

An acquaintance of mine's family plays a less offensive version of the 'Jew or not?' game.  Still offensive?  They are Reform Ashkenazim by way of Argentina to Toronto; they play it with paired objects, not with people.  He says he can make it work with most anything.  'Pork or beef' is too obvious to be interesting.  Better played with something like 'butter or margarine', 'fried or steamed', etc.

I suggest you can do it just as well 'Japanese, or not?'  I'll start this.

Tits or thighs?

Salt or spice?

Mizuwari or neat?

Stride or shuffle?

Bar-fight or platform-puke?

Fixed-gear or singlespeed?

Take it away!  If you can't be nice, be equitably misanthropic.


  1. Conflict resolution or suicide?
    Critical analysis or cover-up?
    Self-awareness or accusatory projection?

    1. Only criticism: too kind to the non-Japanese side.