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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Canada: my sporting to do list

I was overhauling my laptop and came across a document made years back of items to do someday.  I have updated it a little, adding some, and removing some I have finished.  I have also moved most of the kayaking to sailing, because fuck paddling if you can sail.  The numbers are days required to complete each trip.  I can see some of these happening this summer.

Sailing Great Lakes and East
Entire northern coast Superior & Georgian Bay
Mingan Archipelago and PQ North Shore
Île D'Anticosti
Îsles de la Madelaine
Newfoundland, St. Pierre et Miquelon 
Labrador Coast

Skiing Québec
Chic Chocs Ski Touring

Skiing Ontario
Algonquin Ranger Lodge XC

Cycling Ontario
Toronto - Tobermory
Burlington - Port Dover - Dunnville  - Burlington
Trenton - Montréal

Point Pelee & Island
Cape Breton
Prince Rupert to Victoria via ferries and drive
Canoe in Ontario
Nottawasaga River 1
Mattawa River 2-3
The Mississagi River 5-6
The Missanaibi River upper 14
The Missanaibi River lower14
Temagami area
- Sturgeon river 5
- Chiniguchi 4
- Kiosk Loop 5-6
- Petawawa River 7

Canoe outside Ontario
Thelon River
Kazan River
Arctic Red River
Seal River
Nahanni River
Moise River
Dumoine River

Bugaboos guided

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  1. Some of these places are quite picturesque, I need to make myself a list. At least of the main highlights I want to see in California so I can see them while I still live here.