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Thursday, 29 January 2015

"I love it when a plan comes together"...?

So I have a mad idea for July,,,
Either canoeing the Missinaibi as posted previously...
Or, bike Charlottetown to St. John's, via the Cabot Trail, and... taking the ferries past the outports of NFL's south coast, stopping by France (St. Pierre) on the way. Include a short side trip by rental car to hike in Gros Morne.
1500km of riding, and about as many by sea.
All paved.

i think Missinaibi solo is mad
this trip will be a lot of fun
The cycling?
Flights for me only $600 CAD.
Whole thing not much over $1500 if camping's invloved over three weeks.

wish i could join - I've always wanted to see Gros Morne park
'Tis a long way from where you are [California].
You could take the family, and we meet up for that part, but... coordinating would be a stretch.

ya, there's a very low chance of that happening

we'll probably be doing family visit in China during vacation this summer
My lungs will certainly be better off...
I shall probably have to take my slower touring bike, esp if alone to carry the gear, no matter how light I go.
Either that, or pay for a lot of hotels...
I have gear to carry 100l of baggage, and a tent and pad strapped on back. I'll take HALF of that, but doubt I could get 50l on my road bike. OTH, I do have racks for it I just do not like to use...

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