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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Chris Hedges' price isn't "thirty pieces of silver".

That the 'Right' wanted war was unexceptional: they always do.  When the American 'Left' wanted it too I knew the fucking jig was rigged.  There was never a way we could stop it, short of an overdue revolution, but I am proud to say that I was never taken in by the false threat of 'terrorism'.  It stank too badly.  Too bad the demonstrations were efficiently marginalized in all media...  Far more people die every year from traffic collisions than from '911', and never mind you don't 'democratize' a country by letting oil-executives in the White House 'bomb it into the stone age'.  If '911' is never proven to have 'false flag' connections you can't wonder why some people will remain suspicious of the US.
The war boosters, especially the “liberal hawks”—who included Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Al Franken and John Kerry, along with academics, writers and journalists such as Bill KellerMichael IgnatieffNicholas KristofDavid RemnickFareed ZakariaMichael WalzerPaul Berman,Thomas FriedmanGeorge PackerAnne-Marie SlaughterKanan Makiya and the late Christopher Hitchens—did what they always have done: engage in acts of self-preservation. To oppose the war would have been a career killer. And they knew it...
These liberal warmongers, 10 years later, remain both clueless about their moral bankruptcy and cloyingly sanctimonious. They have the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocents on their hands.
You should read it all here.  These bastards deserve to die a slow death by cancer, which only Hitchens has.  Hitchens won't meet Orwell in hell, but he wouldn't recognize him in hell, or from reading him.  Say what you want about Hedges, he knows about war as a correspondent, and acts on his convictions to his own detriment: something Hitchens and the other 'fellow travellers' are never willing to do.

I will not be participating as a speaker in the PEN World Voices Festival in May.  I will not participate because of your decision to select Suzanne Nossel as Executive Director of the PEN American Center...  Nossel’s relentless championing of preemptive war—which under international law is illegal—as a State Department official along with her callous disregard for Israeli mistreatment of the Palestinians and her refusal as a government official to denounce the use of torture and use of extra-judicial killings, makes her utterly unfit to lead any human rights organization, especially one that has global concerns... I hereby resign from PEN...

Chris Hedges


  1. Have you watched any of the Zeitgeist movies?

    I try to keep my head in the clouds (in the sand?) and it was on my list of recommended viewings and I finally got around to it. It's thought provoking and they do touch on the war cheer squad quite a bit. I haven't made it through the 3rd movie but I did manage to get the first 2 done.

  2. different flavors of shit. That most sheeple don't see the inconsistencies or take the time to go "wait...what?" is an indictment of sheeple...but then again that's why they are called sheeple.

  3. People are entitled to any politics they are willing to pay the price for, I suppose. Hedges' objection to the fake-Liberal 'chicken hawks' is that they want all the benefits, but aren't willing to risk anything. He's right.

    The 1%, and the 'aspirational 9%' who are their 'house niggers', reap all the benefits of slaughter but take none of the costs. Hell, they don't even get exposed to the smell or the sight. Up to WWII, at least the 1% and 9% lost some of their sons officering the expansion of the American Empire. Now, they don't even pay that. They ought to be careful, because once your rentier class serves no purpose and are purely parasitic, there is only one thing that can happen to their necks in the long run...

  4. Madison once said: "That the people have an indubitable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to reform or change their Government, whenever it be found adverse or inadequate to the purposes of its institution. "

    Kill Obama and every living President. Kill every cabinet member from all the Presidents dating back to Kennedy. Kill em' all.