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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sixteen! H-cup!

Seen on the train, of course.
Why not just title it: 'Statutory rape! Tit-fuck her!'

Yes, I know that sixteen is not statutory rape in Japan.  Hell, in '95 legal was sixteen in Tokyo, but fourteen in Saitama, so guess where all the paid-date services went...  That's not even the ad I saw in the train.  All I did was Google: 16歳 H-cup。

Besides the fact that everyone involved in the publication should be castrated, or whatever's appropriate for the women, if she isn't a runaway, what the fuck are her parents thinking whoring her out?  I get that teenagers are sexual, and I get that many do have attractive post-pubescent figures, but she's sixteen!  Let her show those to a boyfriend not more than two years older, him wrapped in a condom, but this is the market.
And half of them have daughters.  Ever wondered why Japanese women hate their fathers?  I don't wonder.

Also can't refrain from mentioning that though the girl's got a pair, 'H' doesn't mean the same thing in Japan as abroad.

On a lighter note:

"after a year, the bosoms of bra wearers sag an average of 7mm more than free-range boobs."

Let them go free!  I'd encourage the wife, but besides the fact that I've seen them plenty, most recently stuck in babies' mouths (bastards...), she has a situation where she always looks like she's cold.  Figure it out.  I have to say that I officially regret the path my life has taken: I could have done thorough research on consenting young women, and their breasts - besides the haphazard sampling I once did.

On my first tour of duty in Japan, in my mid-twenties, towards the end of three years I had no more interest in dating the locals, or anything to do with their culture.  I was fed up with the narrow-mindedness of the population, and the physical ugliness of Tokyo.  I was elated at my decision to get the hell out of here.  I'd even had a brief fling with a white girl!*  And then a fashion for halter-tops without any suspension had to happen that summer to make me regret leaving.
*Joke's meant to be on me here, not her.


  1. Ha, cup sizes in Japan. You know cup size is a ratio - the difference btw the underboob measurement and the across the nipples measurement (I'm sure that has a better name). Japanese girls tend to have have bigger "cup" sizes than a Western girl with the same sized breasts because the Western girl, even if she's skinny/underweight will tend to have a bigger bone structure which puts the measurement out.

    The girls in those photo shoots never look happy, do they? I think that (as well as their age) is what makes them so objectionable. It's they are forced into it - maybe by daddy's pachinko debts, maybe to pay off those H-cup boobs the parents bought to cash in her youth.

    1. One of the dimmer girls I dated in Japan, back when a relationship burning out in two months because she was too dim to have to speak with at breakfast seemed normal, bought a couple D-cup bras without trying them on in LAX. I'll take your explanation, but all I could tell her was that even shoes are sized differently in different countries.

    2. I'm sure vanity sizing comes into a lot. Plus Western bras are usually sold without all the padding.

    3. Certainly. Bear in mind that Japanese are OCD about not showing nipple outlines, more's the pity.

  2. No plans on having kids, but if I had a daughter here, I'd get her the hell out before she hit puberty...

  3. "All I did was Google: 16歳 H-cup"

    Not at work, I hope. Though if there are any even vaguely typical salaryman types in your place of employment it's probably nowhere near enough to trouble the ifilter.

  4. When I did my post about Child Porn in Japan which not surprisingly got like 150 comments cuz people dig that stuff?...I found something called U-15 which are models under 15...hence the submarine like naming. It is unreal what parents let 11,12,13 year old girls do which is soft porn. The parent of one was saying that she's gonna get used anyway so she might as well get paid. A lot of victims of child porn and the borderline shit are being victimized by their own parents. Not a sketchy pimp but a jealous miserable mother who hates the world and men and use their daughters to get paid...how that fixes their perceived slight by life I dunno but you can see it on the faces of the moms. It was on JT a while ago.

    Bad parents...worse than drugs and strangers....it's not even close.

    1. As I say in every staff room I've been in: "Any idiot can have children, and most of the idiots do!"

  5. With the no bra thing, why is it that women in tribal communities always have saggy breasts then? Maybe a bra causes a change in posture, which can influence the bust, according to Japanese health TV shows.

    I agree with all you said here, for the most part, but I did scroll back up to the top a few times. I'm sorry.

    1. Can't help but look, of course. They are tits, even if she's too young to get their implications. I am a man, and like the rest of the hetero men I have seen an ass or tits and looked over them again before realizing that the owner was much too young. The only thing to do then is to look away discretely and give yourself a mental slap to the head.

      The oyaji though? He keeps looking, rather than go back to his torture-porn comic with underage girls. Then he goes home and bathes with his daughter...