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Sunday, 21 April 2013

'Security theatre' and FBI fucks-ups

You don't even have to go to conspiracy theories.  The dead Boston Marathon bombing suspect was already an FBI case, on advice from Moscow.

Look, you can't prevent everything, but thousands of foreign civilians and American military dead and injured in foreign wars, a concentration camp in Guantanamo, the loss of habeas corpus and Miranda Rights, black-ops around the world and the blowback they bring, and you can't stop a couple of angry young men you already know about? Weren't we told all of these abominations were necessary for 'security' (whose?)?

America, you're doing it fucking wrong.

Just had a thought...  Did the FBI think they'd turned this guy?  They'd interviewed him, but not jailed him.  Something tells me they'd try to bury that story if they thought they'd been running him. So much of this account screams: 'BULLSHIT!'  Wonder who shot up the boat...  Someone's head's gonna roll, but probably not the right one, as usual.


  1. "Someone's head's gonna roll"
    No, no it won't.

    An Ambassador was killed in a nation that has been hostile to us for at least 2 generations, sponcered the Lockerbie bombing and other acts against western/American interests and despite personal mails concerning his concerns about his and others personal safety...he was given no Marines or armed guards on the anniversary of 9/11...in said hostile recently overthrown country with elements of Al Queda afoot.

    The FBI was supposed to be their the next day to secure the scene and gather evidence but many days later a CNN correspondent found the Ambassadors diary on the fucking floor of the living room. Get your head around that.

    Obama stood in front of the U.N and lamented a video on Youtube we now know he knew at that time had nothing to do with the attack.

    The folks at State Dept that failed to see the potential for danger and who ignored the Ambassadors plea for mor security? They....got transferred. An Ambassador of the United States is killed for the 1st time in another country in 30 years and nobody lost a job anywhere.

    1. You may be right. On the other hand, there might be a 'sacrificial lamb'. What we agree on is that there'll be no change in standard operating procedure.