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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Stay classy, Japan.

Rosenhoj, originally from Belgium, came across an attractive and affordable place just a stone’s throw from Gojo Station in the downtown area. His heart set on the apartment, he made an appointment at the student co-op on the university’s Fukakusa campus, which arranges accommodation for students in the Kyoto area.
When he pointed to the apartment he was interested in, the shop manager told him that no foreigners were allowed to rent the place...
Rosenhoj said one of the things that surprised him the most was the “matter-of-fact way” the manager informed him that the apartment was off-limits to foreigners. After Rosehoj confronted the manager about the issue, he says he was somewhat apologetic about it, but at the same time dismissive of the idea that it could be construed as racial discrimination by a foreign customer. 
Japan, try on one of these, bitches (thank you Pierre).


  1. I really hope that this kind of attitude comes back to bite Japan in the ass one day.

    1. Japan is well fucked all on its own, without any blowback from we 'Gaijin'. My hybridized family will be back in Canada which has this, enforced: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Charter_of_Rights_and_Freedoms

    2. one day?
      It's already being bitten in the ass...and tits and everywhere else. Japan is no longer the place it once thought it was and it never will be again. China ...Japan's it's new bitch

  2. This. This is why I get fucked off every time someone says there is no racism in Japan! It's not even a rarity but standard practice. How can people live in a country where you can be excluded from renting property and say it's not racist? And when you call people on that, they just ignore it or make excuses.

    1. 'Shoganai...'

      God%^%$ ^%$#ing stupid ^%$#%wit slave-culture of taking it unlubed in the @$$ $#!+heads!!

      Ahh, that was cathartic.