*to Hanlon's razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Something tells me the Canadian embassy's dealt with this.

I further declare that the Japanese authorities have issued official birth registration documentation showing his/her name as ____ and that neither were we permitted by the Japanese authorities to register our child as ____ nor were we issued an official birth certificate in the name of ____.
Have to sign this so my daughter can have my surname as a Canadian, as the Japanese government wouldn't allow either child to have my surname as a Japanese national. Never mind that 10% of births here are mixed or fully-foreign, since the locals aren't making many.  Maybe that memo is at the bottom of a pile...

I am getting to the end of my rope with the stupid here, and not stopping myself from telling the J-wife about the too much stupid, and that her people are doomed.  You can imagine she has a different take on it...  Still, always disappointing to find out that though you married someone as smart as you, and an unusual critical thinker though her education and culture gave her no experience with it, it doesn't matter when she's a religious fanatic.  That religion is called, 'ware-ware-nihonjin'*.  She tried the, 'Japan has it's own way, and Canada has it's own way', fallacy**.  My family debated for fun.  I didn't bother to explain the argument's fallacy, but I did list a dozen countries where a foreign national has no trouble having their children take their surname, because they don't have a feudal 'family-registry'***.

I'm hoping to have sex again in a year...  Her not talking to me turns out good, as I'm not tempting to rip apart her 'knee jerk' nationalism again soon.

*The 'We-Japanese' cognitive kill-switch.
**Doubly fallacious, as she has plenty to say about Canada!  Some of it correct.
**For all the anachronisms in Japan, can you imagine how many more there would be without 'the Occupation'?  Never mind 'the Black Ships'.  Sharia would look progressive.


  1. Hey, I married a flaring nationalist J-Wife and adult-child, too. Met her in the free world, and only started to understand this once we came to this third-world-country-with-skyscrapers mess.
    It was an experiment whether "we could also live in Japan". I declared the experiment a failure after half a year and I am counting the days until I can leave this country and not come back for at least three decades. Hopefully it's a Chinese island by then and some sense has been beaten into the populace.
    Only way to fix this marriage is to not live in Japan. We'll see how that goes. But at least I learned a cool catchphrase I'll use when we're back in Yurp: "If you think like this about Europe, you have to get out TODAY!!"
    Shopping in Tokyo is great, though.

  2. I know all too well your gut reaction to the wareware nihonjin card. It's a hard fought but always losing battle as it's hardwired into their brains. I don't fall into line with my wife's thinking but i can't ever seem to get her to think out of the box. All I can do is cringe and huff and puff once a seemingly productive conversation goes down that path.

    Also the j-gov can stuff it about all their silly laws concerning children of mixed ethnicity and naming. They're only hurting themselves in the long run.

    1. Government policy is always cynical, and oriented to whatever class is running that government, not the best interests of the 'common weal': at best humans look after their own, at worst they look after what they think is in their own best interests but is self-destructive. In Japan the 'fox in charge of the hen house' are septuagenarian plutocrats who have none of the solutions for their own class, much less the broader public. In N.America 'the fox' are neo-Con Randroid rentier-capitalists.

      Some choice...

  3. Sounds heated!!! Good luck getting the sex back~ ;)

  4. Wow. Started out catching up on your posts: gave the cycling one a bit of the Penthouse treatment (only really looked at the pictures) and simply nodded my head while reading about the bunny hugging, tree loving, granola crunching, gun toting, war-abiding left.

    Now that we're here, seeing people refer to 'the rock' as a 'third-world-country-with-skyscrapers mess' is kind of refreshing in that this reassures me that, yeah, this land of harmony has some serious issues. And it gives me another phrase I can play through my head while dealing with the garden variety of pious 'ware-ware-nihonjin' religious freaks when I need my own sort of cognitive kill-switch.

    1. Well, I think I should have put some more thought into that expression, because it really could be an insult to third world countries who have a decent, caring leadership and an intelligent, actually hard-working populace who are doing their best to progress from the third world.

      Japan rather - for the lack of a better term - is a banana-republic-with-skyscrapers-mess.

      But yes, a good percentage of older housing, even inside the 23 Tokyo wards (and not in the "Burakumin" areas either), can only be described as being on third world standards.

    2. There is no country with "a decent, caring leadership": there is no such thing. People become leaders for greed, envy or narcissm. The wise ones realize they should put a better face on it.

  5. The programming starts at such an early age and the indoctrination is so well-structured that you can't remove too much of the Japanese-ness before the patient goes into the death throes...

  6. "Sharia would look progressive."

    At least it's (Sharia)clear and fucked as opposed to being covered, hushed ignored and enabled by the people/women who are in fact the victims of the stupid.

    You just can't make this shit up...it is a doomed fucking country and we are sitting to close to the screen...front row baby front row!!!

  7. Is that 10% figure fact or around about true? Wow, that racial purity is getting screwed big time (no pun intended).

    1. So I have read, though cannot remember where. You also see it, if you pay attention. Bear in mind that that's 10% hybrids and pure-Gaijin, so between 6% and 9% foreign DNA in live births here. Also 'First World' is not the majority, nor even is what we'd think of as very 'visible minority': there's more marriage to Chinese and Filipinas than to pale-faces or other 'First World', especially into the countryside.