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Saturday, 27 April 2013

"The triumph of hope over experience."

Not second marriages: storefront retail.  Maybe it is the same: one ought to know better.

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- Screw my LBS ('local bicycle shop')

So yes, this is my fourth time to bitch - maybe more.  Let me start with my Facebook post... no wonder I have so few 'friends'.
Hey, too cool to serve me at the cash for five minutes bike shop.  Guess why I walked out swearing and never to return: can find everything you've got and more online... cheaper.
But seriously.  When your shit is 10% over what I can get it for online in Japan (40% over online in the US...) you should be kissing my ass for condescending to go into your shop.  So what you gave me an
Big hairy deal.  That doesn't help you make the sale when I've waited five minutes for any attention from the five staff behind the counter.  Sure the tool in front of me was dropping more on his plastic velodrome monstrosity than me on bar-tape and bottle cages, but there were four more of you available if you'd pulled the wrenches out of your asses.

Here's another hint: never put the register at the workshop desk: bikeshop-wrenches are, to a man, dickheads in both Japan and Canada.  They think they're too professional to work the till.  If they could ride, they'd be juiced up on le tour.  If they had real mechanical skills, they'd be making triple under a car.  Reminds me of this blast from blog past:
The shops gave me BS: pay us double installation since you did not order through us (you don't carry steel forks, fuckhead), and bring us your bike to look at before we commit to doing it (bag and it and schlep it across Tokyo twice?  And you might do it?  Fuck you!)
So when the kowai-Gaijin slams the product in his hand on the table, walks out saying:
"Fuck this shit!"
"Ah'... Okyakusama... !"
Is going to leave you nothing but the sight of my ass walking out your door never to darken it again.


  1. Don't ever come to Australia if you can't handle the service in Japan!

  2. Your response was justified. For the inflated prices they charge they should be kissing ass for your future patronage. I hope you put the fear of God into them. That will tell them what's for!

    I had road rage twice this weekend because of two isolated incidents with idiots not paying attention in parking lots... Golden week is looking to be a real bitch art this rate. I got my cursing quota within minutes of stepping into my car.