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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Quote of the Day II: pissed off, weapons-trained, 99%ers

Here's a thoughtful quotation:

2nd time I’ve fought for my country. 1st time I’ve known my enemy.

Throwing grenades at a vet... really fucking stupid.  Now there's a group called "US Veterans of the 99%".

Addendum: fucking cops busted the spleen of another vet in Oakland, and left him on the floor of a cell for hours.  Lucky he's not dead, for the vet and their legal department.  Wait... 'the filth' never get charged.  You'd need a pig to tell the truth about another.


  1. >:( Shitty shit shit fuck.

    Stuff like this riles...

    Here's to not taking that shit any longer.

  2. In WWII, senators and congressmen had their own sons on the front lines; in Iraq, fat chance. In the Roman Republic, senators had their own sons on the front lines; in the Imperium, fat chance.

  3. Wait now...Bush was in the Air Gaurd smoking dope....doesn't that count?...And Obama..is from my home state of Hawaii which is the only remaining endearing quality. All politicos suk lobbyist dick.

    Hey if your from "K" street and you got a politicians lipstick on your pro____ dick then it's all good but they are 1% of the 1%ers...so.....not so good.

  4. More and more people may start chipping away by doing little things like this:


  5. Will, that's fantastic! I am no longer going to recycle junk mail: I'm going to send it back for them to recycle it. "If you can't occupy Wall Street, you can at least keep Wall Street occupied."