*to Hanlon's razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Quote of the Day: 'self-attribution fallacy'.

Been saying this for years...
If you have psychopathic tendencies and are born to a poor family, you're likely to go to prison. If you have psychopathic tendencies and are born to a rich family, you're likely to go to business school.

documentary website
And in Oakland it looks like the police have been instructed to bring in les agents provocateurs.


  1. Its just written in a way a little bit too biased for my tasts...

  2. Then don't read it, or comment 'Anonymous', pussy!

  3. Anonymous pussies!!!

    That's like saying "wet water!!" :)

    I wanna make a lamp shade out of an anonymous pussies skin...I'm just sayin'...

  4. Am reading George Monbiot's piece now and reflecting:
    Once upon a time, an individual who was born into a wealthy family went to business school and then to prison which was kind of like graduate school for psychopaths in the days when the likes of Bill Black were actually able to put people away...the S&L days. From then, on to a mental institution (thus becoming certifiable for something similar to sociopathy), and then out. Highly intelligent and still functional/functioning.
    "The results resembled what you would expect from a dice-rolling contest, not a game of skill.” Dice is actually a game of skill for some...'dice control'.