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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

UC Davis Chancellor Katehi's Walk of Shame.

Hundreds of silent students make UC Davis chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi take the 'walk of shame' to her car.  Powerful.

I'd feel pity for her being the scapegoat*, until I read her self-justification for letting lose the campus pigs with pepper-spray.  Read it if you'd like, but I can paraphrase: it's not my fault, the kids brought it on themselves, some of them weren't even 'one of us'.

We have to scorn the cops, as I already posted.  Also filth like her.  The first message we give the rest of the 99% is that the cops, and the 1% who run them, do not rule by our consent, but by violence.  The cops and the 'elites' don't care, but we care, and they'll care when too few of us believe in them to run their system.  Violent or peaceful, that's how a revolution is won. She ought to thank whatever she believes in that no kid suffocated on that spray.  It will happen yet, and people are pissed-off already.  Going to be ugly.

Quite a number of people are cancelling employment, or lectures at UC Davis, or speaking out as faculty about their own abuse by her cops, and putting it on her.  Hope the door doesn't hit her too hard in the ass on her way out, because the university board's going to scapegoat her to try to keep it from sticking to them.  Good luck with that, cowards.

*No, no pity.  Seems like this is in character (link sent in comments below).   %$#@ deserves whatever she gets.


  1. That's a heavy kind of silence that needs to be heard.

  2. If I stated what I think people like her really need... I think it would be called 'incitement'.

  3. Her depravity isn't just limited to UC Davis:


  4. I do prefer people to post with a link to their own blog or website, Anonymous, but that's link is very appreciated. What a piece of shit she is.