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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Some day someone's going to ask...

why they've been taking 'a knife to a gun fight.'  Just saying.

You want a link to ten scenes of gratuitous police violence, for which none of the fucks will be charged?  Kind of makes you wonder if they've not been paid to terrorize...

Or a mercenary.


  1. Holy shit that's a fucking classic shot right there!

    Ignoring the "Macro" and commenting on the "micro"....THAT'S the second her day went bad. Just the mist from pepper spray will give you fits...she's...man....fuuuuck!!

  2. Fucking cops... You know more than I do about them - been my life's work to avoid the law - but just about every dealing I've had in my bourgeois comfort-zone has reminded me tools who want to be cops like to hurt people who cannot defend themselves: they were bullies in school, and the type of 'man' who hurts women.

    I've got no problem with violence in the right context. I've dabbled in martial arts, but avoided the real deal more than you, Chris... These fuckers are bullies.

  3. Chris, sounds like you've been sprayed...

    I have only sprayed myself. Yes, dumb as fuck. I did not spray myself with a bear-spray canister while canoeing, though I have one. I did it with a friend's mini-version: sprayed it on a balcony to test it, came back five minutes to sniff and started coughing. That shit is bad! Nobody should discharge the way 'The Filth' does at crowds, but then again, pigs aren't known for empathy.

  4. Mr.S: Spent some educational time on youtube the last few days learning about 'agent provocateur' from what was going on in Canada in 2007. Now, I think I am starting to understand what the vehement dislike for the folks donning riot attire is all about.

    "Long time now see...you still fighting fires? Que pasa?" I asked.
    "Nada mas, but still wearing a badge," and then he paused. "You know, I used to risk my life and people loved me for it; now, I risk my life and they hate me..."

    This is from a high school buddy who was definitely never a bully-class type of guy. In fact, he was more of a hero. Maybe that's why he got tapped on the shoulder for the career change, maybe the force thought they could use more of his type. Who knows.

  5. I'd like to say there are more police like your friend... but you can rarely get even one to testify against the filthiest cop. One doesn't want to tar an entire group with the same brush, but when (nearly) nobody breaks ranks, what am I supposed to think?.

    I have nothing but humble respect for firefighters.

    As for 'agents provocateurs', they infiltrated the black-block ranks in the Toronto G20 also. No proof they incited violence yet (apart from police leaving patrol cars to be torched in the middle of the easiest intersections to film), but that second shoe is in mid-air, I think.

  6. Mr. S: Nobody breaks ranks. That seems like the rule nearly everywhere. For nearly everything.

  7. Yup. That's why it's impossible to not to be arrogant when you do your own thinking.