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Thursday, 24 November 2011

'What's old is new', or not?

Old: Brooks Titanium Swallow, 307g, $400 US. More expensive, requires upkeep, weather-sensitive, heavier; time-tested and classic.

New: Fizik Kurve, 220g, over $200 US.  Cheaper, low-maintenance, weather-resistant, lighter; unproven and soon dated.

I own the top one*, but have never had my hands on the bottom.  The Fizik has copied the rail-suspension system of Brooks et al. but in aluminum and plastic (... carbon-composite).  It may be great, or not, but the points of comparison above stand.  It's certainly clever, but I am a fan of proven and older technologies, as in an earlier post.

*Went to get a Brooks for my road bike a few years back.  Was looking at a $200 CAD 'Professional' at Curbside.  Shop-dude brings down the $500 CAD 'Swallow' to ask me if I'm interested.  I tell him that's what I want, but there's no way I can afford to spend that while saving for a wedding ring.
It's on sale for half-price.
Here's my credit card...

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