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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Am not exactly a misogynist.

I only like women with a sense of humour...

Trouble is, I've found it less often in the following women:
- straight
- Canadian Anglos
- vegetarian
- primary teachers rather than middle-school
- middle-school rather than high school
- white
- suburban
- middle-class
- car drivers
- mortgage slaves rather than renters
- those who talk about TV dramas
- those without brothers
- those without adult sons
- religious
- those who marry within their tribe past the second generation

The blue highlighting bemoans the fact that I should never have taken on a career in a suburban Catholic school board's elementary schools!  Still, even in Japan, I had my time wasted yesterday by one who did not even match all those highlighted (more than six, though).  Stupid of her: I Cc'd my administrator with a message to her that she was out of line and that in future I would only communicate with her with him as a witness.  Oh yeah, he and I drink together.

I might have found a woman with a sense of humour in any one of the groups I listed (except vegetarian) but the more that describe them the less likely.  I still believe in their economic, legal and political rights (so I am not a misogynist, in fact) but I resent every moment spent with a woman with no sense of humour as much as I would a man without one, if I met any very often.  Too many girls got by on looks, even if only with daddy, whereas few men do, and most men have had 'punch in the face therapy' at least once for being a dick.  Every kid needs it.


  1. Phhht, I'd say the opposite. Lots of guys without senses of humour. And the worst, you make a joke and they *have* to very seriously mansplain why are you wrong. I'd rather have my eyes poked out with cake forks than endure that.

    TBH I'd say there are a lot of humourless ppl in those categories and it's probably easy in general to get that something is a joke from your own sex. I would like to see more of the punch in the face therapy going on though.

    Oh and you forgot to add Americans to that list. When I was there, I kept getting horrified looks most of the time when I opened my mouth. I get confused when Americans say the Japanese have no sense of irony... that's meant to be ironic, right.

    1. You may be right about Americans, and the insanity of the culture tends to support you; however, I am meeting a better quality of them abroad. Men without a sense of humour and understanding the humour of your own gender better? An interesting argument, though it's clear I won't really agree. Do bear in mind too that we men have been jumped on so often by the humourless in your gender that we do not at all act ourselves around any of yours until we know you damn well, and maybe not even then.

      The Japanese do have no sense of irony.

    2. Oh Kathryn say it ain't so... oh, wait, you are right. As far as Americans go, poop and boob jokes is what is funny. Americans in general also have a hard time 'getting' English humor. I guess I am one of the few lucky ones.

      I think if it weren't for a humorous mister one of us would have ended up with a ringed neck by now. Laughter is great therapy, ends petty arguments and makes the neighbors mighty jealous that we seem to always be having a good time.

    3. The best British humour is based around class; the best American humour around race, or ethnicity. That's why the great British comedians are, like 'the Goons', 'Monty Python' and 'Fry and Laurie*', middle-class kids who went to 'public schools' (private) and Oxbridge, but weren't wealthy enough to have known commoners only as help. In America, Jewish and Black comedians are consistently the best (need more Latinos), because a WASP telling ethnic jokes...

      *Hugh Laurie's done a lot more than 'House', Americans.

    4. I've met a lot of great Yanks but even they say they are the exception to the rule. I guess in every country, the people who get out and explore (not just tourist) other cultures are going to be more interesting.

      I know too many guys who think Two and a Half Men is the epitome of funny to think men have a better sense of humour. But then I have a very dark sense of humour and get "that's not funny" equally from both men and women.