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Saturday, 6 July 2013

End of the 'Munroe Doctrine'?

As the economies from south of the American border all the way to Tierra Del Fuego got stronger, and as a middle class within it got larger, it was going to be true that the US would find it more expensive to push them around as they have long done: it was cheap for America, when there were only two classes and only one they had to deal with.  Anglo or Latino, nobody with any influence cared about the sufferings of the 'swarthy' poor.  Snowden's work has sped this process a little, but damn hasn't the US given it a hell of a boost, by interfering with the flight of Bolivia's head of state, and we got proof to confirm our suspicions of who are America's bitches.

Edward Snowden offered asylum by Venezuelan president

As I have said, US power-players are wildly incompetent, frightened, or both.
Russian news reports, quoting those they described as sources within the Russian Security Services, it began when an American official failed to notice that the target of their hunt – fugitive former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden – was at one airport and the Bolivian presidential jet was taking off from another, about 35 miles of horrible Moscow traffic away.
Even 'The Atlantic', to the right, admits that yes, the plane left from a different airport and there could have been no discreet way to get Snowden from one to the other.  Puts me in mind of two things: the US bombing the Chinese Embassy in Serbia, and Lewis Lapham's story of interviewing for the OSS disgusted that the most important question to the interviewer was if he knew the colour of an Ivy League co-ed's lingerie (a 'secret handshake' to keep acceptance to 'the right sort').  Stupidity is entirely possible, but so is conspiracy.

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