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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Not so smug about bicycle commuting today

Found my bike's rear tire flat last Friday morning, so didn't ride to work.  Fixed it on Saturday with a tube I'd repaired.  Found it flat on Sunday morning.  Fixed it again on Sunday with a new patch where the old one came off.  Rode to work today, Tuesday.  Found it flat the third time at the end of the workday, and found out that I'd split a rear lock nut in half (torqued my fixed wheel too tightly).  Fucking aluminum bites me in the ass again.

I don't carry spares for those, so put the bike inside the school building, went back to my classroom to change out of cycling togs and back into something less Lycra for the train home.  Tonight I have ordered another tube, two more lock nuts; put a tube, spare lock nut, fresh cycling clothes and a pump in my bag to go to work tomorrow.  If all goes well I ride home tomorrow, and schlepp home various on Thursday.

Lessons?  Only those I knew already but had ignored:
- Don't patch and reuse tubes because the fucking patches fall off
- Carry a spare tube and carry patches to use only if the spare also goes.
- None of this costs real money compared to a car.

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