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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Japanese: Bike as Metaphor II

Been here before.  Saw this around Hibiya station in the morning.  I count seven kinds of fail, and there's not even a kickstand.  More?  Do chime in.  I'll hide the answers in a comment.


  1. Less to more esoteric:
    - That's a shitty lock that'd stop nobody in Toronto, and the wheels and saddle haven't even been thought to lock.
    - White tires, grips, pedals and saddle? Suppose it doesn't fail the 'Labour Day Rule' presently, but that's a colour for a bike that you don't use in a real life.
    - Every 'man' in Japan has his fixie-style bike (doesn't coast) on the freewheel (coasts) and has never flipped the wheel or known to: poseurs.
    - If you're going to have narrowed bars for filtering between cars, you do it fixed because you do not have the control to do it safely on freewheel.
    - You don't have brakes on narrowed bars, because there's no room, and it looks stupid.
    - Those pedals are for BMX tricks, dangerous for fixed gear since you'll get 'pedal strike' on corners, and like putting mud-flaps on a sports car.
    - Apple sticker the fuck?
    - Either the seat's too low for his height in order to ride J-style, or the frame's too big.
    - Is that a licence off the saddle? If you're going slow enough for the pigs to notice one way or another, too slow.

    Nine, not seven, and bet there's more.

  2. I love seeing the bikes that have had everything stripped off of them. As a person whose had a bike jacked, I'm incredibly thorough when I lock my bike up. If somebody goes through all that trouble just to steal my bike, They can have it cause I surely didn't want it enough.

    One of my friends was just telling me about those type of bikes you pictured. They look like road bikes with just a single gear. Whats the whole point of getting a road bike if there aren't any gears to switch. seems like a waste of hard earned cash.

    1. The bad reason is fashion. The good reasons are here: http://sheldonbrown.com/fixed.html

    2. It seems to be a mechanical version of Digital VS Analog. The road bike with the gears is like a big crutch. How can you get better if you have less work to do? Thats kinda cool that there is a real application to it as opposed to being a hipsters wet dream. I might be interested in getting one of those someday. Gotta check out the auction the bus company puts on and get one cheap. thanks.

  3. Hi Ant, I was hoping to find a bicycle post on here.

    That bike is awful. I cannot stand those skinny bars, full stop.

    What gears are you running on your fixie?

    By the way, I bought a new bike with a free hub of course and a 30T! It is a smashing bike. I cannot begin to tell you how great it is climbing a 10% grade at 80 cadence. My legs are good again and so life's good.

    1. I am running only 70": I am too old and there are too many lights to run track inches. What's your inches with that 30t cog. Lower? Nothing wrong with any gearing that works for you, and for certain you want a lower gearing with a freewheel than a fixed cog: you can coast at high speed, after all, and there is less efficiency in all freewheel systems. Not being judgmental. All set ups have their place, except the ones that I make fun of that do not know what they mean to accomplish.


    2. Yeah, way lower, 30 inches (34/30) or so. It is only good for steep climbs, I use the 27 or 24 for the less steep parts. The 30 is great, my heart rate is the same and it feels like I am working just as hard, but just not crunching the muscles. Teeth wise what are you running?

      There is only a short derailleur for the 7900 series, so the chain is long just in case I accidentally put it into 50/30 (have done so when I'm tired), so essentially I lose 6 gears or so (derailleur gets so horizontal the chain rubs), but I can get the same ratios on the big chain ring anyway. The recommended maximum size is 11-28, so I could always go to that too, but I am loving the 30T.

      The cassette is a 11-30, so the largest I can get is 119, which is great for declines.

      I am loving this bike and it is great for what I want: climbing. I am already planning a few 1500m climbs in Shikoku for next month when the weather starts to cool. Can't wait.