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Monday, 22 July 2013

Fees for 'international schools' in Tokyo

Ceci est très intéressant... A list of all the fees for 'international schools' in Tokyo.  My employer is one of the many.  French nationals in Tokyo pay half for their kids to go to their lycée as for most international schools in Tokyo, and a third the cost of the most expensive. This brought to my attention by my wife, who's met Japanese mothers with French husbands. The French government must be subsidizing it: even the rates for children without a French national parent are cheaper than other schools. Were we here any later, I'd consider 'French immersion', which as a Canadian makes a fair amount of sense.

Cheaper than the French, The 'Indian International School' has got Japanese to go against their usual prejudices to send their children: it's only 600 000y/yr and it is an English language school.

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