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Sunday, 10 March 2013

A little too 'Cloud Atlas' for me.

Yes, the pun's intended.
So, this might be how it felt to live in third century Rome...

Go to 0:43.
I have been here for the Kobe and Tohoku earthquakes, the Fukushima disaster, the Tokyo Sarin Attack, and this. What's next, fucking kaiju?!

Just call me 'Rob McKenna'.


  1. Was pretty surreal how quickly it went from being pleasant to shitty...

  2. That graph has it just hitting were I'm at. It's all over the windshield 2 hours after being washed.

  3. Reading the different links made me think of Desert Punk... where the main character pretty much mobs around wearing a mask and goggles in the desert.

    The sky reminded me of how the sky looks when we have a forest fire. Orangey and yellow.