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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Extemporaneous Rage-Haiku

Posted to my personal Facebook from the train this morning:
Yamanote train.  Girl with a cast.  Nobody stands.  Die oyaji.
If I had known I was only a syllable or two off an accidental haiku, I would have tried harder:
Yamanote car.
Girl with a cast.  No one stands.
Fucking oyaji.
No 'seasonal word', but fuck it, Japan.

Dude, got 'the clap' much?

That's why you shouldn't go to soaplands.


  1. Technically, not a haiku but a senryu.

    1. Alright, you are entitled as you have been a nice comment maker for some time. Also, 'haiku' in English is BS: we don't count syllables the same way (we don't have a syllabary), it's easier to use so few syllables in English than it is in Japanese...

    2. Thanks. My sister studied haiku at uni so I have to listen to these rants and am passing on the favour :)

      Yes, you should write in Japanese next time!

  2. I enjoyed your haiku. It might lighten my day if I thought of a couple a day to release my frustrations in a more graceful manner. Although my gripes would be with drivers as I live in the countryside.

    1. Thanks. My experience with Japanese drivers is not perfect, but far superior to the %$#@wits around Toronto.

  3. Oh you bastard. Now my brain's not going to be happy until I've come up with one too, and you've set the bar annoyingly high from the off.

    Give me a minute here...