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Monday, 18 March 2013

I have a big head.

No metaphors, please.  Two product posts in a row is lame, but this business deserves wide publication.
You know that 'one size fits all' label in hats?  Bullshit.  Even when they come in two sizes, the 'large' is bullshit.  I base my hat and helmet purchases simply on, 'It's fits, so I'll buy it, because I won't find one later'.  What else is sized that way and meant to satisfy most body types?  Oh...
This is not about those 'units'.

I have looked long and hard (stop it!) for a cycling hat that would fit.  I like them because they fold into a pocket nicely, and get my balding pate out of the sun and the wind; however, they rarely fit.  Now the self-titled 'Velominati' will tell you never to wear a cycling cap except cycling, but they'll ride plastic, so what can they say? I have tried the large Walz caps, and that was money wasted.  There are only two stock cycling caps I have found to fit my 62 cm dome: an Assos I bought, and a Timbuk2 I didn't.  Here's a story on different options, but most of these do not come in varying sizes (pin-heads!).

Looking around (Googling) I found an endorsement on the 'Urban Adventure League' website, and thought I'd give it a try: 'Little Package Cycling Caps' (mind out of the gutter, you).  Custom hats for reasonable money.  Not much more than off the peg, and they fit!  Worth mentioning that as cycling caps are light, it cost only $11 US to have two sent airmail to Japan.  Worth adding that I had them in hand in about two weeks.

If you are interested you can follow any of the links above, or in this sentence.  I got the black cotton with an orange stripe, and the black wool/silk mix.  Most pleased.  Customer service was great, also.  I emailed the owner more than once, and got quick, polite and pertinent replies.  When I ordered I wrote this:
Size 63cm for both, please. And if it saves postage, send them in the same package, even if it is a longer wait. If it matters any, my head is long, rather than wide, and 62cm precisely, but I figure 1cm extra will be more comfortable. Thanks.
She let me know she found and used a pattern for narrower heads.  She made them for 62cm, not 63cm as I asked, and she was right.

I am fully satisfied for what I paid.  No, more than satisfied, even if 'beggers [could] be choosers'.  If she reads this, there are just a few things that would make me buy about four more:
- elastic webbing all the way around, not just at the gather at the back, to feel even more secure
- softshell materials for winter hats, in dark colours to gather what UV it can
- cool synthetic materials for summer hats, in light colours to reflect UV
- more colour options for the cotton hats as black is too hot in the sun, but white gets too dirty looking

She will certainly get my business again.


  1. I have an abnormally small head. When I had my bike, I had to buy my bike helmet (they are compulsory here) in the kids section and then it was one of the smaller sizes. Hard choice btw Dora Explorer and the Wiggles!

    1. Bad enough for you, but imagine if a 6' dude had that helmet.

    2. If a 6 foot dude had a head as small as mine, I think the Dora Explorer helmet would be the least of his worries!

  2. That's balls. You almost have to save your need buying for trips to the motherland or risk buying something off the internet. I myself find it hard to buy hats as well. I think my melon is 7 3/4s cap size and the last L/xl one size fits all eventually started giving me migraines. Us balding people got a raw deal.

  3. Here's a response from the owner/milliner. She put my real first name in the response, and I can't have that, so I have cut and pasted her comment, without the incrimination.

    "Thanks for the spunky review! I'm glad you're so pleased.

    Two or three things: I run my business out of a corner of my living room, and so I cannot/will not afford to have a variety of lengths of fabrics I risk people not wanting. After 8 years, I've figured out that keeping it simple (black and white cotton, some other colors by request, and accepting fabric "donations" from discerning customers) keeps my work life confined to that corner. And that's nice.

    Another point: I didn't "find" the pattern for narrower heads. I drafted it. In fact, I've drafted all the patterns I use, so they are original Little Package designs. And should anyone want a copy, I sell my sewing patterns on my website. Except the narrow head one... that one is VERY special! I have a feedback page on my website should you choose to share/read further: http://cap.little-package.com/feedback

    Again, thanks so much! - Caroline"

    1. I grant her she knows her business model better than I do. I also meant that she found her own pattern for narrow heads, but can see how my wording could have been misinterpreted.

  4. "Except the narrow head one... that one is VERY special!"

    Oooooh..I want a narrow head!!! Sounds fucking awesome!! ;)

    Funniest shit is when it's not really supposed to be....IMO.
    I got a kick outta that right there.

    1. I do believe my narrow head is very special. I am quite attached to it. Actually it's a typical narrow-jawed English head, with a bizarre 'sagittal keel' (bone crest): father had it, brothers don't, hybrid I has it, but hybrid II doesn't.