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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Coedo Beer


Hate their website: don't get fancy, just get me to the brew.

I had not been as impressed when I'd had it in cans, but cans blow.  Most recommend their 'Kyara' (hoppy medium lager, but tastes something like an English 'bitter' ale) and 'Shikkoku' (dark ale, nearly a stout).  Both are not too sweet (looking at you, Belgian-style beer) and extremely well balanced.  The 'Ruri' is a nice hoppy pilsner.  It'd be brilliant in summer.  The 'Beniaka' has been well reviewed, but not my favourite; I am impressed that it is technically a happo-shu as it uses sweet potato rather than malt, but rather than the vileness of happo-shu it is not a chemical product and uses a more expensive process than malt.  The 'Shiro' is a good 'white-beer', but Hitachino-Nest makes a better one.

They have an online shop, and you can get micro-brews on amazon.co.jp


  1. Cans are great for shotgunning beers and no more.

    Go on....chop down the few remaining aluminum trees you fucking planet killers!!!

  2. Phooey, I was hoping BevMo would carry it. I am very interested in giving Shikkoku a try.