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Saturday, 9 March 2013

"The psychological barrier of the fourth bike"

I have a plan...
Once the psychological barrier of the fourth bike is crossed, the bike collection can be expanded indefinitely.
It so happens, I have only three: two in Japan (road, and fixed), and one in Ontario (city/gravel).

Will leave the fixed here for training, take the road bike back, get another fixed-gear in Ontario for commuting (4!), then a Madsen for the kids (5!), and a Krampus for myself (6!). Think I'll need a well-locked garage...
Even then, that's one bike in Japan, one for the kids, and only four for me: road, fixed, urban/gravel and dirt.  And hey!  The road bike was bought before marriage, the urban/gravel for me by the wife, the fixed is a commuting 'necessity', so that's only one bike for me as a toy: the dirt - Krampus.


  1. Well, you know what they say, "One is too many, a thousand's never enough."

    Tuesdays. You'll need a bike for Tuesdays as well. Imagine the shame if you get caught on your Friday bike on a Tuesday. You'll never live it down.

  2. I still haven't gotten my first one yet. But, if I really get into riding, I can see myself having to face the same issue...

    1. Well, that Kona Honky Tonk will suit you well for most riding you can possibly do in Japan. A fixed-gear (with brakes!) is nominally better for commuting (less maintenance and better speed control for moving among traffic - but on the geared bike, just learn not to look when shifting, or don't shift).

      Your post: http://steadyrollinjoker.blogspot.jp/2013/02/in-honor-of-marathon-monkeys.html#comment-form

  3. As long as the price of the gear you ride doesn't exceed that of the four-wheeled vehicles, I'd say you are cruising.

    We've decided, in our infinite lack of wisdom, to only ride second hand bikes due to the outrageous cost of those two-wheeled wonders. All in the name of recycling and free-cycling.

    Regarding you healthy addiction to staying mobile:

    Is there such thing as Bike-a-holics Anonymous?

    1. Nothing wrong with second-hand bikes, but you inherit other people's negligence. Our 'mama-chari' is second hand, but who'd spend real money on a bike to be left in the weather, and where it can be stolen? All of my other bikes stay inside. Good thing we have a large 'genkan' for the two decent ones I have here. Back in Toronto, where bike theft is common, I'll be wanting a garage without windows, two locks or more, and an obtrusive video camera (even if it is a dummy).