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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Establishment 'journalism'

The bought and paid for collaborators have been writing up a storm on Snowden.  Some of the voices in the link: know what they're talking about, understand the 'Rule of Law', and aren't paid to misdirect using 'security' at the loss of liberty.  As you'd expect, all of the rest (with one exception) are dressed in the neo-con apparatchik's uniform: business suit and unmerited vanity.

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  1. Kevin Gosztola

    Seems like the only person speaking like a person. He looks like he's fucking 16 for fucks ake and he seems in the blurb anyway to be making more sense than some very rich journalist <<<<<that word/title is a fucking joke btw.

    and now...Journalists.

    The 4 pillars of any doomed civilization :(