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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Just die Blair.

Haven't you got enough blood on your hands?  What's your angle here?  Well, your angle is to get 'the West' into another war, but what is your personal angle?  Who's paying?
"Tony Blair calls for west to intervene in Syria conflict: Former PM says regime change inevitable and international community should consider installing no-fly zones"
Besides the fact that the rumours of your wife being an American plant make as much sense as any explanation for your sycophancy to 'the cousins' (so does lucre) and your murder of Labour, you've always seemed like a parson on the make in a rich parish who's interfering with his housekeeper's teen-aged daughter, because he knows nobody would believe her.

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were clearly what they are.  Even Obama was obviously bought if you tried to make sense of his speeches and realized quickly it was rhetoric only for its own sake.  Blair though is that special kind of liar who can sell his soul and your future entirely for his own gain and remain convinced of his own rectitude.  Fucking die.

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