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Saturday 15 June 2013

Japanese diplomat gets laughed at for Japan's 'justice' system, yells "Shut up!", continues in broken English.

This is too good not to post:
- Japan sends a broken English speaker to the UN
- he is unable to address the foundation of Japanese police investigations, "not allowing defence lawyers to be present during interrogations of criminal suspects" (coerced confessions)
- his only defence is to 'protest too much', "Certainly Japan is not in the Middle Age(s)...  We are one of the most advanced countr(ies) in this field."
- and then to yell "Shut up!" when this is greeted with derision as if his status as an amakudari 'erai-hito' meant anything to an international audience

Keep flailing Japan.

Post script:  I blame 'kamo''s comment below, but the broken English reminded me of this Canadian 'Heritage' mandated cultural filler that seemed wrong to me even when first shown decades back.  Am I a bad man for laughing?  Yes.

Course, it ain't hard to lay into the US, either. Been a good week for it.


  1. "Why you laughing? Shut up! Just build railway!"

    1. As a Brit, you can't have meant to remind me of this 'Canadian Heritage', but it's too inappropriately funny not to share: http://youtu.be/o87MgkGAqeU

    2. Was thinking more of this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83bmsluWHZc

    3. Ahh... sou...

      This is the most memorable dialogue for me, and my mantra among the humans: http://youtu.be/zpl4wkWMJtE

  2. I love how they play that card... "We're one of the most advanced societies in the world."

    I wish US diplomats would say the same thing every time someone accused the US government of mass murder in the name of gathering resources, just so the Japanese could see how ridiculous it sounds...

    1. You do get a lot of 'America #1' nonsense, and not enough retort outside of fiction ('The Newsroom'): http://youtu.be/16K6m3Ua2nw

      If you have to yell it at people, it ain't true. You don't hear the Nordic nations and Holland yelling their virtues. They don't have to.

    2. They are far too busy sitting infront of committees singing classics like:
      "I don't recall that", "I'd have to look in to that and get back with you" or the hit "I'm invoking my 5th Amendment right against self incrimination" and much much more!!!