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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

'Bents are lame, but this is clever

There's something about 'bents that brings out the bearded academic in their fans, and my real opposition to 'bents is that prejudice.  For all their performance advantages their disadvantages are legion: can't manoeuvre, jump curbs, manage narrow spaces, be easily portaged, sprint or climb for $#!+, and also cost and weigh double.  However, this is a really cool design!

It's a realistic velomobile!  I'd want the e-bike part taken from it: weight, fuss and expense I don't need.  Almost everything is enclosed from spray, yet open to cooling winds, which is a big deal over velomobiles.  Also the fairing will cut wind yet it is removable.  I almost want one!  Put a trailer behind one of these and your tour is unlimited

Hase has some really clever products, at prices that are merely high, not insane, unlike other 'bents and velomobiles.  Two others that are clever are their upright/'bent tandem, and their tag-a-long trike.


  1. "Bents"? That's the first time I've heard recumbents called that. Also, I'm not used to seeing them with two back wheels - has a whiff of senior citizen about it.

    And how do "ride dry" running through standing water? Is there some sort of force field protecting you from road spray and splashing from below?

    Since so many people ride on the street around here (Seattle), I also think they are more likely to be hit by cars, their orange-flag-on-a-fiberglass-rod notwithstanding.

  2. "how do 'ride dry' running through standing water?" Fenders. The only thing to kick up water is wheels, and good fenders take care of that.