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Monday, 21 March 2011

KI Redux

I wrote about this already, with lots of caveats.  Well, even though they are explicit that it is not needed at this time, the UK Tokyo embassy is giving them out until tomorrow (Why until tomorrow?  Going French?).  Of course, I let my UK passport lapse, and do not even have the lapsed one to hand.  How about my other passport?
Potassium iodide (KI) is only needed when there is a large amount of radioactive iodine in the environment. At this time, the Government of Canada does not advise using the medication. KI will be available from local health authorities in Japan if the need arises. Government of Canada offices abroad are not in a position to provide medicine or medical treatment to Canadian citizens who have chosen to travel or reside outside of Canada, but will provide information to Canadians to help them obtain medical services available locally.
I don't know if I am more pissed I let my UK passport lapse, the UK is doing this to keep its nationals happy, or that Canada will not manage distribution if necessary.  Thanks, @$$holes. Getting that UK passport for next time.  What I think of the Japanese government's capabilities should not be put in print.


  1. You seem to have serious cognitive dissonance issues. You want Potassium iodide pills, you say that is not useful, you took your ticket to flee japan, but you didn't use it, you criticise, insult and say rascist things about being French based on what the French embassy said (which is more and more what lot of other embassies said).

    You are really a troubled individual.

  2. Thanks. You've saved me a trip to a shrink. You sure waste a lot of time reading what I've written. Your tag links to a blank Google Page: coward.

    To everyone else, KI pills will be very useful if significant radioactive iodine gets in the food-chain or water. There's a lot of corroboration that it is unlikely to be necessary except close to the plant. Seems to me that pills would disappear due to demand if truly needed, just like rice and other things in Tokyo last week.

    Hmmm... not sure I did not say anything about the French that is not true: first to run from Tokyo. As for the other governments following them, it does not prove them right. My 'serious cognitive dissonance issues'? Everyone but 'watcher' knows this is a blog, not a scientific publication, and I have no more access to information than anyone else with an Internet connection. I share what I know, and as information has changed I have changed my own mind, and altered some of my postings. Was I less calm than I should have been in hindsight? Sure, but I have a wife's and baby child's health to consider, as well as my own. If I felt no panic about that it would say something worse about me.