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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fleeing a sinking ship?

My family is looking into going back to Toronto for a few weeks.  Is it an overreaction?  How can I know?  Every indication is that Tepco and the Japanese Government are lying, to reduce panic, which once the public understands they cannot believe anything said, is only bound to induce it.  A good discussion begins here.

I do not know if this is really from Der Spiegel, or a hoax:
I do know that it corresponds somewhat with this Geiger reading in Tokyo (though it stayed under the 100 red-line), which I do not know to be accurate, or not.  If in Eastern-Japan and deciding what to do, please also look at Al Jazeera's 'live blog', and at 'The Guardian's'.  Japanese news is irrelevant in Japanese or in English.  This 'windfinder' is usually used by kite-surfers, but you might be able to put it to use.

I hope this model is accurate, though it won't help the people down wind.

I know two pair of 'international families' who left a few days ago.  I have at least one Japanese friend who has headed towards family in Osaka.  I have a wife who is too stubborn for the timeline when the real radioactivity and public panic makes it impossible to leave.  I can see everyone without family ties bailing, and a lot of teachers en route to a job here cancelling.  Too late for us: 'he who hesitates is lost'.  Cannot get through to get a flight now.

UK travel advisory
US travel advisory
Canadian travel advisory
French travel advisory
All of these were equivocal when I wrote this, apart from the French, but they ran from the Wehrmacht, too.

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