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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Toronto Star has 'jumped the shark'

Used to respect the CBC and the Toronto Star as the only two news organizations in Canada that uncovered corporate, political and policing malfeasance; however, my trust for both is nearly gone.  CBC news has become full of 'human interest' crap.  The Star has printed misleading articles about Japan's Tohoku earthquake and Fukushima reactor issues, making it sound like all of Japan was threatened by both; never mind the 3000km length of Japan corresponds to a distance of Calgary to Toronto.
The lot of their Japan articles are here, and I cannot list all the $#!+, but here are a few highlights:

"Japan advised against drinking tap water"!  Yes, one village.

"The unseen victims of Japan’s nuclear crisis: the unborn"!  Speculative, emotionally exploitative, and tries to make a strict correlation between Hiroshima and Fukushima.

"Is the U.S. more worried about nuclear crisis than Japan?Because those orientals don't feel emotions like we do, right?  No, it's just that they don't hyperventilate or masturbate publicly when faced with a crisis.

Two of the usual ethnocentric articles about good Canadian youth at (self-perceived) risk, but not dead or injured like tens of thousands of others who have the misfortune of not being 'one of us'.

Any piece of garbage written by Rosie DiManno, who I am certain neither speaks any of the language, like the rest of the narcissist journalists, nor has the slightest understanding of any foreign culture, unless it is her parents'.  She's such an awful writer that the Torontoist blog has a 'DiManno watch' with over thirty entries.

Three questions: who did Rosie %$#@ to get this job, how does she keep it, and who's the tool editor who vets the Japan stories?

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