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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Teaching Jobs in Tokyo

Not as important at the disaster at all, but so many teachers have done a bunk from Tokyo that there are jobs begging.  I don't know about ESL schools, but for 'international schools' there are links below.  If you believe you're going to get cancer coming, stay home.  If you know better than to trust media scare stories, get applications out PDQ.  "Search Associates" is the big agency used here, and it is first among the links below.

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International School of Sacred Heart
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Tokyo YMCA International School
Employment EMPLOYMENT | Nishimachi International School
Tokyo Children's Academy, International School in Tokyo for gifted children
東京都港区麻布にあるヤマトインターナショナルスクール(YAMATO International School)。/幼稚園から中学校までの生徒は勿論、障害児教育やバイリンガルにも対応しております。
Staff Page | Makuhari International School
 Employment - CIS Canadian International School
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The Language Teacher - Job Information Center JACET (The Japan Association of College English Teachers)
A Teaching Career in Japan: Opportunities at Colleges and Universities
私学関係公募 ||| Teaching Jobs in Japan |||
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International Schools List | Useful Information | realestate-tokyo.com


  1. Great link, but apparently only for Canadians. I still don't use "Eh?" very much and still have problems with "about" rather and "aboot."

  2. Search Associates operates elsewhere, too. As for Canadianisms, don't learn them from 'South Park', much as I love SP.

  3. Are you teaching at an international school?

  4. Yes, and several others tried to poach me, as they still had my resume. Can't name the schools, but I know several which have lost a significant portion of their staff, and expect more not to show up Monday, April 4th. They've lost some students too. Throwing out an educated guess, these schools will be at 75% capacity.

    Short sighted of the young teachers, as they're not going to get a reference out of it. I think it will be much harder for unattached young Anglos to get teaching jobs, as they seem to have bailed frequently. If I were hiring, and thinking of my self-interest, I'd hire people with Japanese spouses who might make them stay.

  5. I'd like to talk to you. A friend of mine just quit from her position in Tokyo.

  6. Well, I am afraid I like to keep my personal information private. In any case, there is not too much I could tell you. I have done substitute teaching for several schools, and now have a full time job replacing someone who has left. Where I am now has had about a 30% turnover. If people decided to leave that first weekend, I get it, as there was nothing but bad news.

  7. Hi. Thank you for the great list! I have been teaching at small int'l preschools in Japan for 10 years, and I'm having a very hard time finding a job that would take me :( I wanted to know if you could help me learn about schools that may be hiring, even assistant positions would be great. I can teach preschool art, beginner french and italian too. I do not have a degree in education, and I need to find a job that would help me pay for one! I have kids, so my hours are limited, which makes preschool a perfect choice. Thank you.

  8. Elena, I do not know any more than I have put in the post, or you can find online. I wish I could help you better, but I would be lying about my knowledge. Good luck, though.