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Thursday, 12 January 2012

"I am [Gaijin], God of Sex"

Skip the first 55 seconds, if you choose.

In the movie, it works; in Japan, it works.  Sometimes you are a "God of Sex", "just on the wrong continent, that's all."  You see, nobody is a "God of Sex", until there's someone who makes you one... or a few who do...  Nothing wrong with that, so long as everyone's consenting, and gets what they need.  There are a few things to keep in mind, to keep you honest, whether you are a pale-face in Japan, or a European in N.America (this is especially addressed to the former):

- Japan is not a mystical Kurosawa-chambara wonderland, just because you're finally getting some
- You do not have to defend the factory-ship whaling 'tradition' (reinvigorated by MacArthur during the Occupation), because it's not traditional.  Defend it or attack it on its merits, not because you got lucky last night.
- Don't pretend you love Sumo, Kabuki, or J-Pop (especially J-Pop), unless you really do, just because somebody Japanese got you off.
- If you are into anime, you've swallowed a corporate product, not 'the soul of Japan'.
- If you are into 'cute', and school girls, you are as sick here as there.
- Just because it doesn't take more than two dates here, doesn't mean 'Japan has a healthier attitude towards sex'.  They have their own issues: Google "Japan sex", at your own risk.
- Although you are a "God of Sex" for some, they are not all into Gaijin; not all N.Americans are into Europeans, but enough to annoy me in my youth.  Japanese who are not attracted to you are not '^%$#es' or '*&^%s' or 'racist': they just don't like you.
- Most of all, if you have become unusually sexually satisfied since you came to Japan, be thankful to your partner(s), past and present: you don't have to suck-up to everyone who shares their nationality.


  1. "They have their own issues:" On sex, as with so many other things, Japan is no more or less fucked up and/or enlightened than most other places. It's just fucked up and/or enlightened in different ways, is all.

    Is that massive spike in your traffic a result of your feather and tarring over at japan probe? Even I managed to catch a mild case of anonymous troll via that post you linked to, which makes me makes me slightly less annoyed that they blocked my comment. Still not impressed though.

    1. I sincerely apologize for your inconvenience, on the Probe and your own blog. Trolling is sure sign of a creature needing to see their shrink for a new spectrum of psychotropics. With luck, re-balancing their neurochemicals will help them focus on the words that are written, rather than whatever the voice in their head is telling them is written. It is as likely there are reading-comprehension issues in the mix...

      Yes, I have got a spike, once again not as I would hope: the first was the earthquake. Now that I am moderating comments, I do not expect them to visit much.

    2. Yeah, I noticed you're moderating comments now, which kind of answered my question. No apology necessary, was bound to happen sooner or later (it's the JP moderation I'm unimpressed with, not you, in case that wasn't clear).

    3. You know... you got a troll on your site from this, right? Yet I think you said your comment on J-Probe was blocked or deleted. So unless someone saw your comment before it was blocked/deleted and came to your site as the self-appointed defender of the only country where anyone will sleep with him, it's J-Probe's author(s) - which amounts to the same thing.

      If it's not a self-appointed defender of the only country where anyone will sleep with him, it's a Japanese 'Nihonjinron' cultist, of which there are not a few on that blog, and they're not even getting any in Japan - unless they pay cash.