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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Quote of the Day: anything by Guthrie

As through this life you travel, you meet some funny men
Some rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain pen

As through this life you ramble, as through this life you roam
You'll never see an outlaw take a family from their home.
"Pretty Boy Floyd" - Woodie Guthrie

 A good Bill Moyers article, with some good comments in the thread.
Conservatives view with suspicion anyone who doesn't cash in at every opportunity.
Come to think of it, they have the same problem with Christ.
It breaks my heart to see a state that produced Will Rogers and Woody Gutherie become corporatist (nearly every small business in the state is gone, especially local grocery stores)... It's discouraging to watch the state which produced the most astronauts become so anti-science. It's become a state of privileged and spoiled right wing yuppies in the suburbs, resentful racists in the working class parts of cities (the Aryan Youth Movement, Aryan Nation, and several major groups of skinheads all started in OKC and Tulsa), and ignorant know-nothingness and meth addictions in small towns.
Watch out America. Oklahoma is your future.
Something connected from my morning reading: the 'Occupy Movement' has fatally wounded the 'class warfare' taboo, and that is a fine thing.

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  1. Yes, I enjoyed reading that Moyers is back for the long haul. His World of Ideas I & II kind of kicked off things for me. Interviews... the conversations he's had... just incredible. When he was recently interviewed by Colbert... that was classic. "A friend of mine said that he will believe corporations are people when Texas executes one."

    And the comments you posted. People still remember The Cherokee Kid. Ain't that somethin'.