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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Quote of the Day: National Infantilism

"Mickey, Minnie greet new adults at Tokyo Disneyland"


Let me repeat: Mickey and Minnie fucking Mouse, great new 'adults' at Tokyo Disneyland.  All you needed to know about modern urban Japan.

Poor sweetheart second from the left: her parents should have had her eyes looked at years ago...

Digressing, I figured out what puts me off about young Japanese men's hair.
It's not homophobia, because I'd be less bothered if they were out of the closet... Or I mean, less bothered if they looked like 'twinks' on purpose, not that there's anything wrong with 'twinks'...*  It's not because I think anything more than a minute in front a mirror for a man, unless shaving or getting rid of blackheads, is grievous vanity, because they're as welcome to their vanity as I am to call them sissy.  No, it's because they look like Phil Spector.
Not a look anyone should go for.  (And 'Let it be... Naked' was a huge improvement over that 'Wall of Sound' shite.)

Addendum: more 'cute' alienating robot shite.

*Read it properly: it's not homophobia.  Unfair to extreme 'metrosexuals'?  Probably.


  1. Speaking of national infantilism, when I arrived here I was shocked at how difficult it was to buy clothes that weren't covered in bows or frilly crap. I really wish I could understand the appeal of dressing like a child whilst being in you 20s.

  2. When a young man here I rarely dated a woman my age: OLDER, not younger, for heaven's sake. I always had a rule not only to never consummate with a minor, but only if they both looked and acted of age!

  3. Well, fuck.

    I know I'm long winded at times, but in my New Years post it took me several hundred words and a lot of swearing to accomplish what you've achieved here with just a couple of quotation marks and a judiciously placed hyperlink. I can only applaud.

  4. Thanks.

    I think you mean this post. Nothing wrong with taking another approach, as I have too.

  5. Personally I like the wussy Japanese boys :)

    But yeah, like Neonraine says,it's crazy trying to buy clothes without bows and ruffles and shit on them. I don't really understand the Japanese take on fashion (the real one I mean not those kids in Harajuku) - you wear red and it's OMG!!! HADE!!!! but it's ok for a grown woman to wear an outfit covered in ruffles and sequins and mickey mouse prints???

    1. Don't blame the girls, blame the city of Urayasu. They hold their "coming of age ceremony" at Disneyland every year. Are you proposing these kimino-clad youngsters not to participate in their local ceremony?

    2. Well that is a reasonable comment, about Urayasu. You must be a different 'Anonymous' than the one trolling about here. I prefer some kind of online ID or blog-link, though. I'll respond by posting you on the blog-roll.

  6. Granted that middle photo probably isn't Japan. According to the Tea leaf and coffee bean site there aren't any locations in Japan. Not that I care about the style but it does appear to be popular in other Asian countries other than Japan.(btw you sound slightly homophobic when you drag out your defensive statements about not being homophobic)

  7. It doesn't matter if I sound homophobic, when poorly read, but only if I am homophobic: I am not. Any pair of consenting people*, or other plurality, or single people, may fuck each other in any manner they all like and agree on. What's it to me?

    *Consenting: adults only with adults, teens only with teens, no vast power differentials, etc.