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Thursday, 19 January 2012

'Stop de Kindermoord.'

'Stop the Child Murder.'
That should be the rallying cry of cyclists.  As the video states, The Netherlands went from a slaughter of 400 innocents in traffic in 1971, to 14 in 2010.  I shudder at how the death rate compares in N.America.  We now not only kill our children in car accidents, or with our cars while they walk or cycle, but also with obesity and diabetes as their misguided parents think there is less risk in sloth than getting around town on their own.  Honest statistics show we misjudge most risks: family members rape more children than strangers, and lifestyle-diseases kill far more than collisions.  Even so, too many die in collisions.  If we demand the streets are safe for children, they are safe for adults, which brings more of both, making them even safer.  Any less: sociopathic.

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